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It's Easy to be a Damsel -- It's Not Easy to be a Heroine

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31 January
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There are beginnings and endings and each ending is a new beginning. This is the account of my beginnings, my journey, and my endings.

With a lot of silliness thrown in along the way. ;)

Who am I? A Writer. A Reader. A Dreamer. A Lawyer. An Actress. A Teacher.

This journal contains mostly my thoughts and musings and rantings on my real life. My fanfiction can be found at lady_fey . Original fiction, however, will be posted here, and is both locked and filtered, so you need to let me know if that is what you are interested in. I do talk about RP, generally with updates, but that's on filters for all pure RP posts, so if you're not here from RP related things, don't worry about being inundated. *g*

Quotes about me/my writing:

kittydesade : "Her writing flows like I only wish I could get mine to. She's musical, lyrical, visual, and just plain that damn good. She has gorgeous worlds full of dynamic, quirky, sometimes adorable, sometimes really scary characters. She's just that damn good. And you should read. Yes. Plus, she writes a crazy good Byron."

shobogan : "Your writing is, to put it very simply, pretty. The words flow, elegant and felicitous, giving your prose a touch of poetry. Always, there is emotion, subtle and deep and clear. There's the impression that you cherish every word, every image, every character. I wouldn't call it old-fashioned, but - refined, dignified, even when the characters aren't. Even if a tag is mostly/only dialogue, I'll know it's you, because your characters' voices are defined so well."

wishingwillow : (when asked about the trademarks of my writing) "I would definitely have to say it is your ability with voices, both internal and out. You have this remarkable way of nailing a character down, and feeding the reader an intense feeling of who they are."

Friend/Filter policy:

The journal is friends locked. If you'd like to be added, comment to one of the public posts and let me know who you are. I do use filters both on subject matter of things people might be interested in and because I talk about a lot of my personal life here, but I'm always wanting to make new friends and as we get to know each other better, I will add people to more and more personal filters.


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There are also icons made out of the artwork of Linda Bergkvist.

Resources post for icons I've made can be found here.

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